What we do for you

Tell us what New Zealand products you want us to purchase using your Digital Currency. We will check availability and send you an invoice in your chosen Digital Currency. Once payment is confirmed, we will purchase products. Upon receipt at our warehouse, we ship the product to you. Moa’s Ark Natural NZ payment options include Cryptocurrency, Paypal, Epay, Perfect Money, Neteller, Western Union and all Major Credit Cards.

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How much does it cost (Groups of 5 Unique Items)

There is no charge for Assisted Purchases from the Moa’s Ark Natural NZ website. The cost of our assisted purchase service from other sites or stores is NZD $26.00 (plus cost of purchase, goods and services tax, bank fee, commission and FOB shipping). The price applies up to 5 unique items of the purchase. For example if you plan to purchase 8 unique items the price will be two times NZD $26.00 ($52.00 for up to 10 unique items). If you purchase ten of the same item the price remains NZD$26.00.

If you would like to open an online Crypto Share account, please click here.